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Haggen Inc Pay-Out Method to School

Fundraising Period: September 3rd - May 15th.

Collection Schedule:

  • Check #1: September 3rd - December 31st.
  • Check #2: January 1st - May 15th.

Haggen will mail a maximum of two School Bucks checks to each participating school in the 2014-2015 school year. The first School Bucks check will be sent in January and the last will be sent in June. If a school earns less than $25 in the first collection period, their funds will roll over into the second pay period. After a school receives the first check, that school's account will revert back to $0 and will begin accumulating funds for the next payout period. If a school earns less than $5 total at the end of the school year they will not receive a check.

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